CVE-2022-42953 (zem500_firmware, zem510_firmware, zem560_firmware, zem600_firmware, zem720_firmware, zem760_firmware, zem800_firmware, zmm200_firmware, zmm210_firmware, zmm220_firmware)

Certain ZKTeco products (ZEM500-510-560-760, ZEM600-800, ZEM720, ZMM) allow access to sensitive information via direct requests for the form/DataApp?style=1 and form/DataApp?style=0 URLs. The affected versions may be before 8.88 (ZEM500-510-560-760, ZEM600-800, ZEM720) and 15.00 (ZMM200-220-210). The fixed versions are firmware version 8.88 (ZEM500-510-560-760, ZEM600-800, ZEM720) and firmware version 15.00 (ZMM200-220-210).Read More