CVE-2022-46173 (elrond_go)

Elrond-GO is a go implementation for the Elrond Network protocol. Versions prior to 1.3.50 are subject to a processing issue where nodes are affected when trying to process a cross-shard relayed transaction with a smart contract deploy transaction data. The problem was a bad correlation between the transaction caches and the processing component. If the above-mentioned transaction was sent with more gas than required, the smart contract result (SCR transaction) that should have returned the leftover gas, would have been wrongly added to a cache that the processing unit did not consider. The node stopped notarizing metachain blocks. The fix was actually to extend the SCR transaction search in all other caches if it wasn’t found in the correct (expected) sharded-cache. There are no known workarounds at this time. This issue has been patched in version 1.3.50.Read More