CVE-2023-28847 (nextcloud_server)

Nextcloud Server is the file server software for Nextcloud, a self-hosted productivity platform. In Nextcloud Server 24.0.0 prior to 24.0.11 and 25.0.0 prior to 25.0.5; as well as Nextcloud Server Enterprise 23.0.0 prior to, 24.0.0 prior to 24.0.11, and 25.0.0 prior to 25.0.5; an attacker is not restricted in verifying passwords of share links so they can just start brute forcing the password. Nextcloud Server 24.0.11 and 25.0.5 and Nextcloud Enterprise Server, 24.0.11, and 25.0.5 contain a fix for this issue. No known workarounds are available.Read More