CVE-2023-36665 (protobufjs)

protobuf.js (aka protobufjs) 6.10.0 through 7.x before 7.2.4 allows Prototype Pollution, a different vulnerability than CVE-2022-25878. A user-controlled protobuf message can be used by an attacker to pollute the prototype of Object.prototype by adding and overwriting its data and functions. Exploitation can involve: (1) using the function parse to parse protobuf messages on the fly, (2) loading .proto files by using load/loadSync functions, or (3) providing untrusted input to the functions ReflectionObject.setParsedOption and util.setProperty. NOTE: this CVE Record is about “Object.constructor.prototype.<new-property> = …;” whereas CVE-2022-25878 was about “Object.__proto__.<new-property> = …;” instead.Read More