CVE-2023-31190 (dronescout_ds230_firmware)

DroneScout ds230 Remote ID receiver from BlueMark Innovations is affected by an Improper Authentication vulnerability during the firmware update procedure.

Specifically, the firmware update procedure ignores and does not check the validity of the TLS certificate of the HTTPS endpoint from which the firmware update package (.tar.bz2 file) is downloaded.
An attacker with the ability to put himself in a Man-in-the-Middle situation (e.g., DNS poisoning, ARP poisoning, control of a node on the route to the endpoint, etc.) can trick the DroneScout ds230 to install a crafted malicious firmware update containing arbitrary files (e.g., executable and configuration) and gain administrative (root) privileges on the underlying Linux operating system.
This issue affects DroneScout ds230 firmware from version 20211210-1627 through 20230329-1042.Read More