CVE-2023-34412 (mbnet.rokey_rkh_210_firmware, mbnet.rokey_rkh_216_firmware, mbnet.rokey_rkh_235_firmware, mbnet.rokey_rkh_259_firmware, mbnet_mdh_811_firmware, mbnet_mdh_816_firmware, mbnet_mdh_831_firmware, mbnet_mdh_835_firmware, mbnet_mdh_841_firmware, mbnet_mdh_850_firmware, mbnet_mdh_855_firmware, mbnet_mdh_858_firmware, mbnet_mdh_859_firmware, mbnet_mdh_871_firmware, mbnet_mdh_876_firmware, rex_200_firmware, rex_250_firmware)

A vulnerability in Red Lion Europe mbNET/mbNET.rokey and Helmholz REX 200 and REX 250 devices with firmware lower 7.3.2 allows an
authenticated remote attacker to store an arbitrary JavaScript payload on the diagnosis page of the device.
That page is loaded immediately after login in to the device and runs the stored payload, allowing the
attacker to read and write browser data and reduce system performance.Read More